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laweekly Gary Chivichyan

Gary Chivichyan "The Armenian Sniper"

Gary Chivichyan, also known as The Armenian Sniper, is the Founder and CEO of our company. He is a rising athlete and a professional basketball player of Armenian-American descent. He made waves as the first Armenian to ever be drafted in the 2021 NBA G League draft, selected with the 7th pick in the second round. Moreover, Chivichyan had the distinction of being the first Armenian nominated for an ESPN ESPYS award. During his college years, he played basketball for the Pacific Tigers, which was led by former NBA star Damon Stoudamire. Gary’s journey in basketball has already defied all odds and represents just the beginning of what promises to be a long and successful career.
After starting his first business in his early twenties, becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs to put together a powerful digital marketing agency. Armed with an unwavering passion for success and a unique combination of creativity and technical skills, Gary Chivichyan quickly made his mark on the industry through his innovative approach to marketing and strong emphasis on building lasting relationships with media organizations and industry experts. The company has seen remarkable growth throughout his career and has set new standards for businesses across the globe. Despite his success, Gary also deeply values giving back to his community. Through his philanthropic work, he donates both time and money to local charities and provides scholarships to students from low-income backgrounds. We understand the importance of supporting those who are less fortunate and believe that everyone deserves a chance to succeed.
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Fame Fast is proud to be the parent company of Beverly Hills SEO Agency – a prestigious digital marketing agency with a revolutionary approach to online success.  Our services are tailored to suit each individual client, while exclusive partnerships with leading news and media outlets, top social media giants and key influencers give us an advantage like no other. At our agency, you will have full transparency into every aspect of your campaigns, as well as our expertise and resources. We are bringing top-level access and marketing tools for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyday workers. We are giving access to an exclusive world of powerful marketing tools and insights at affordable rates. These strategies are normally reserved for industry giants, allowing our clients to make smarter decisions with their campaigns and see incredible returns in the process. With us on your side, you can trust us in helping take your business to new heights!

Established in early 2019, Beverly Hills SEO Agency comprises one of the world’s most influential global marketing firms. The enterprise has grown to include over 600 distinguished media and news outlets among its contracted partners.

We have worked with countless influential entities across the globe to develop effective campaigns that are proven to deliver results. Our experienced professionals have designed innovative solutions for clients ranging from small businesses, individual brands, major influencers and celebrities, to Fortune 500 companies and hedge funds. Our innovative network has enabled us to become one of the leading voices within the digital marketing world – delivering results time and time again! We are constantly researching emerging trends and adapting our techniques to ensure that each of our clients gets the best possible outcome from their campaigns. 


A Message
From the Founder

Building a brand is about more than how you present yourself to the world. It’s about how you actually see yourself—your beliefs about who you are and what you have to offer. By tapping into that, you’ll be able to create something truly authentic.”  ~ Gary Chivichyan